Rising to the Challenge

Many people separate their “work” life from their “personal” life. I’ve always found this difficult, hiding behind some role, not showing myself fully because work dictates that you only show your ‘work’ face, that you behave in a certain way, usually with more restraint.

No wonder I work for myself!  Not only do I have freedom in how I use my time but I show up every day at work as my authentic self. Can’t restrain a wild heart eh!

I’m currently house-sitting in the Gold Coast, where high rise meets ocean. It’s a little unit with barely enough room to swing a cat…and they have two of them…cats that is. They are precious little darlings who I have looked after with cuddles and food and fresh kitty litter. Really no trouble at all. It’s been lovely to walk a few blocks down the road to get my hair done, to shop and eat and drink coffee. But my main priority has been…work! My kind of work. Play work!

I have been busy with art again…silver clay art this time. Have been experimenting with all kinds of new techniques I’ve been wanting to explore for some time now…but never gotten around to. Well, that changed this last week or two as someone I love dearly who is also a metal clay artist challenged me with a task. Using techniques that are not found in a book, create some silver clay pieces that are totally unique and outstanding.

Well…I love a good challenge, don’t you?

Those who know me know I like my pieces to be meaningful in some way. And so enters…Australian landscape and in particular, the boab tree.

Boab trees grow here in Australia and they look like giant gourds. These trees feel very feminine to me, strong, grounded and full! Whenever I do a guided mediation that involves trees, my trees always show up as boabs. So I really resonate with these full bodied trees.

I wanted to experiment more with silver clay paste, using the paste to paint a landscape. It’s not perfect but I’m quite taken by it as a piece of Australian landscape with Mama Boab basking in the light of the setting sun (the sun is 22k gold over silver).

The second piece makes me want to jump for joy! It’s very Leunig-esque. A sweet humble being holding a heart in his hands as an offering. I first made it in polymer, then made a 2 piece mould and pressed silver clay into the mould. Once it was dry I had to put it together which caused no end of artistic angst because they didn’t fit (reminder to self, put two part silicone moulding material on the list). You wouldn’t believe the amount of swearing, really…it would make a sailor sound like a lady by comparison. But I swear <grin>, it helps the creatively bogged process move along! I also spoke to a friend in Perth who basically made soothing noises while I warked on for a while. Bless my listening angels!


Anyway, this is the result. Doing a happy dance here!

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