Free Guided Meditation in Resting As Awareness

You could grab a mirror and look into your own eyes but I find the easiest way to the heart is with your eyes closed.

The only thing stopping your heart from flowing is your past. Some emotional trauma, some past experience… creating fear responses in the now…this is preventing your heart from opening wide in this moment.

Processes such as tapping, trauma therapy and personal growth workshops can help release the grip of these hardwired responses in the nervous system. Meditation and mindfulness can be useful too in stopping repetitive trains-of-thought. Sitting with enlightened people will certainly help you drop into stillness.

And that’s the point…to be still. It’s only when you’re empty that you can be filled with love. It’s only when you’re still, that you can know who you truly are.

Rest In This That You Are: A Guided Meditation in Resting As Awareness… is my gift to you. It’s a free meditation that will assist you to rewire your system and discover who you really are.

Be a light unto yourself!

You can get the free guided meditation here:

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