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Through Conscious and Creative Living

Unique and Creative Workshops in Mixed Media & Contemporary Clay

Workshops using polymer and metal clays and other mixed media are the best of fun! Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, Mel creates unique custom designed workshops just for you and your group, large or small. She travels and teaches throughout Australia using her positive energy to help her students stretch their creativity, technical skills and artistic abilities.

About Live Life Happy

Live Life Happy was born from a deep passion to share love, light, creativity and presence.

First came a book. Buddha in a Red Dress. Amazon Best Seller in four categories:  Stress Management, Self Help, Transpersonal Psychology and Energy Healing.

Then a friend asked if I’d put a meditation together that spoke of awareness, how to be more present and at peace. And so came Rest In This That You Are: A Guided Meditation In Resting As Awareness.

Then came the inspiration to clay and teach again.

Then another friend remarked that I really best get a website up. And so….here it is…

Hello! It’s sooooo nice to meet you!


in a Red Dress

This is not your usual ‘how to be happy’ book. It’s a raw and real autobiography of one woman’s personal and spiritual growth.
It comes with cushion stealing monkeys, gurus, the odd swear word, naked dancing and other weird and wondrous stories.

It also comes with clear and simple instructions on mindfulness and meditation and many more practices that lead to peace and happiness.
Through its chapters, you will discover the secrets to a free and fulfilled life. This book draws from 30 years of experience and exploration in personal growth work, spiritual growth, meditation, mindfulness, therapies and transformational workshops.

It offers up processes, techniques and insights that you can use to become a happier, more relaxed and aware you!”

FREE 20 minute Guided Meditation

REST IN THIS THAT YOU ARE: A Guided Meditation in Resting as Awareness

“You are much more than the body, much more than the mind. You are awareness itself. All there really is, is a sense of presence. When a thought arises, it is only a movement. No need to follow it. You are simply the space in which all movements happen. Like the sky. Clouds come and go like thoughts, but the sky is always present.

You are just here like the ever present sky…”

You are the one you’ve been waiting for!

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